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Mar 20

Wanna do some POSTS POSTS POSTS but can’t really. Feel like papageno with the lock on. I feel like I’ve burnt up all my kindling and now something has to grow… I feel like I can’t say anything that makes sense and that’s ok but why do I still want to plaudern? Baugh

Mar 19

The weird things started happening this month. Like a number would flash across my mind and then i’d come to the top of the stairs and see it on the clock. Or I’d hear 3… 2… 1… in my head and then a sound would happen in real life, like someone else’s oven timer going off or something. Or hear a big fat silence in the air before a phone buzzes. Also I sometimes see a squirrel when I’m walking and go like “come here baby!” and beckon it, and four of the maybe twenty times I’ve tried it they actually do come up to me, like within a foot, really confused about why they’re doing that. Stuff like that. I don’t think it’s an ability or anything I just feel like I’m being shown something, even teased a little. Hard to describe

Mar 18

there’s no rush. you’re allowed to wrestle with what you’re wrestling with. you’re allowed to give up and spin off.

if you’ve been told to do something that only matters at the single level you were told to do it. it doesn’t matter on any other level

opening yourself up to your own weaknesses is brave, not cowardly, and it’s ok to not be able to do it right now or under most conditions, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok

weaknesses are not imperfections

i don’t know much about it except that there’s music, faeries, dragons, and i’m not to worry about how much i don’t know

you might be somewhere that you perceive as behind. you might perceive that you are very, very, very far behind. it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay

u can just let things go like they want to go. they will go fine. u dont have to put your mind in charge of all the goings

this aquarius person i really connected with the other day…still thinking about that… aquarius sun, libra rising, sagittarius moon, very attractive person
very powerful astrological intuition…
i wish i had talked to him more about astrology that night but i was crazy self conscious. boy it was fun though!
he said about libras that he always just wants to say… “it’s all right, libra”
and about virgo that he just has to sit back and let them be fixy

lots of talk of sun and moon today in yoga class. the play of cycles and opposites. i grinned like a loon at the teacher the whole time. i hope he gets into astrology

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